Unbelievable Calling Rates for the Countries across the World

GlowTel offers excellent rates for calling to international destinations. With GlowTel prepaid calling cards you can make calls at the best rates to all over the world. You can make calls to more than 150 countries at amazingly low rates. To know the rate before calling, select the country and get the rate instantly. For the destinations like Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Hongkong, Singapore, Brazil, Nigeria, Venezuela, Spain, China and Luxemburg we have some of the most popular rates. GlowTel offers fixed rates for the destinations like Netherlands, Hongkong, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, China and Luxemberg. The calling rate for any country at GlowTel is simply unbeatable. By making overseas phone calls or international phone calls with us you enjoy huge beneficial features. We also provide you the benefits of a number of universal payment options so that your payment process can be easy and convenient.

GlowTel users can enjoy free calls among them in specific destinations in United-States of America, Europe and Canada. Making calls using GlowTel is easy in any corner of the globe. When the credits of your number get exhausted, you can recharge the credits online, anytime round the clock, thus making it convenient for the users to recharge the credits anytime. To recharge, log in with your registered email to GlowTel website or do it through GlowTel Apps round the clock. Moreover, consumption and calls in real time for your "Calling Rates" can be seen on soft phone /dialler.

The Prepaid Calling Service from Glow-Tel offers you a great opportunity to call to local and international numbers at the best possible rates. For prepaid calling cards, GlowTel offers one of the "Lowest and best Rates on the market". Making calls with calling cards from GlowTel will let you save up to 90% of your current expenditure on calls.

View our most popular rates to destinations

netherlands Netherland (fixed) 0.001
United States United States 0.001
Hongkong Hongkong (fixed) 0.001
United Kindom United Kindom (fixed) 0.001
Singapore Singapore 0.001
Brazil Brazil (fixed) 0.001
Nigeria Nigeria 0.004
Venezuela Venezuela 0.002
Spain Spain (fixed) 0.001
China China (fixed) 0.001
Luxemberg Luxemberg (fixed) 0.001

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