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Simply Download GlowTel App for Free on your mobile devices and start calling. GlowTel App is available for Iphone/Ipad/Ipod& Android devices on Apple/Android /Google play store. So, do not wait - Download your GlowTel App on your mobile deviceand tablets to enjoy free calls Worldwide.

Making international calls in traditional ways is quite expensive and for certain countries calling rates are not likely to get cheaper through traditional calling plans. The GlowTel App is here to modify the way you call from your mobile devices and reduce cost of every call.

GlowTel App lets you enjoy cheap calls with superior quality and high connectivity. The app is available on the Apple App Store, Android /Google Play Store. You can also download the App from GlowTel website by clicking on download page. With GlowTelexperience,you can be assured of superior connectivity all over the world when you are connected to 3G, 4G or Wifi. GlowTel means the lowest calling rate and reliable service. Mobile app from GlowTel lets the customers to make calls without dialing access number to reach adestination number. The app connects calls from the contact list automatically.

GlowTel App for Apple IOS,& Android comes with loads of beneficial features like ability to make and receive calls, caller ID, redial, call hold, music on hold, voicemail & voicemail to Email, multitasking capabilities, mute, ability to view contact list from phone, speakerphone, ability to view contact list from phone, call waiting, call forwarding, ability to recharge account,ability to recharge over 105 mobiles number worldwide by credit card or other payment options. The other important features are balance, destination and rate information display, Call History Display with Time and Call Status.

Installing GlowTel App on your Apple or Android mobile device you can enjoy pin-less call with GlowTel calling cards direct from GlowTel App and you do not need to use any access number. GlowTel App lets you enjoy quality calls at the cheapest rates, at amazingly low rate. With GlowTel Apps you can recharge at any time of the day or night.

Note: Our system only supports Apple and Android for now.

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United States United States 0.001
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United Kindom United Kindom (fixed) 0.001
Singapore Singapore 0.001
Brazil Brazil (fixed) 0.001
Nigeria Nigeria 0.004
Venezuela Venezuela 0.002
Spain Spain (fixed) 0.001
China China (fixed) 0.001
Luxemberg Luxemberg (fixed) 0.001

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