Security Policy

GlowTel have taken a number of precautions on our website in order to ensure that your information is completely secure and we are pleased to share them with you. If you have suggestions or questions, please contact us.

GlowTel’s Security policy helps the company to create a safe work environment for our people as well as assets and even assist us to promote respect for human rights and advance best practices with governments, third parties and joint venture partners.

GlowTel manages security in accordance with following principles:

  • GlowTel shall assess security threats regularly to business operations and mange associated risks;
  • GlowTel shall make sure that appropriate security measures are maintained in a way that our employees are not exposed to significant risks;
  • GlowTel shall make sure that appropriate response procedures are maintained for minimizing the impact of any emergency or security incident;
  • GlowTel shall introduce as well as maintain active programs for developing responsibility and security awareness;
  • GlowTel shall endeavour to make sure that the security operations are always conducted in full compliance with national as well as international legal requirements.
  • GlowTel shall endeavour to make third parties or contractors conducting activities. GlowTel is aware of the Security Policy and makes sure they comply with it;
  • GlowTel shall record, investigate and analyse all the reported security incidents that involves our employees or business operations directly. This shall be done for developing improvements in order to prevent the recurrence of any security issues.
  • GlowTel shall also strive for improvement in our understanding as well as management of security and issues related to human rights. We make every effort to stay abreast of the best practices with respect to all these issues.

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