Device Requirements:

Minimum requirements for using GlowTel services

  • Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.
  • For phone card connections,you need a Mobile or Home phone.

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GlowTel can be downloaded from App Store on your mobile device.

  • Go to App Store (IOS / Android) and search for the name “GlowTel”.
  • Once you find it, just click on download or install button.
  • Once you have GlowTel Apps installed on your mobile device, make sure you are connected to internet, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G: To set your network you need to go to your IPhone or Android main screen and then tap Settings – General– Network and turn on 3G or 4G (whichever your Phone supports).To set it up for Wi-Fi, go to your Phone main screen and then tap Settings – Wi-Fi and choose a network from the access points that are available. The displayed checkmark indicates that you are now connected.
  • You can sign up for your GlowTel account with your registered email. Once your account is opened, you will be able to login to your GlowTel with your account credentials (username and password).

The Login Page would appear before you immediately; here you can login and start using GlowTel services.

  • Username: enter the email address you used to set up your GlowTel account when you signed in.
  • Password: enter the password you set up for your GlowTel account when you signed in.

As you log in to GlowTel, you would find the following displayed:
History: Showing past calls.
Screen: From the GlowTel keypad you will be able to make calls.
Home: A set of options will be displayed to manage your account.
Recent: The call history will be displayed.
Contacts: Is where the address book can be managed and can be interlinked to your existing contacts already stored on your phone.
Settings: It displays on the screen, when clicked brings you to your account details where you can find your GlowTel number displayed as SIP Id-100123123.
Account Balance: The current account balance will be displayed on my ‘’account details’’.

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The first time you start using GlowTel, you will be asked to register with a valid email address and choose a password of your choice. It is important to use a valid email address when you register as a new user. Formal registration is required at all time to use GlowTel´s services.

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To download GlowTel Apps, simply click the download button shown below the website Registration is mandatory in order to use GlowTel services. To use GlowTel, you are required to register with your email.
Sign in with your email you used during registration, buy credit and start making calls.

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  • To call a Glowtel user you always have to dial 100, followed by the number of the assigned SIP-ID. For example you dial 100122100. In this example 122100 is the assigned SIP-ID of this GlowTel user.
  • Whenever you purchase credit, you would see the credit on your app. You would be issued a pin in your email as an additional option to call through your home or mobile phone by dialling our free access numbers. Then insert your pin and call to wherever you wish.
  • For a call to any regular phone, enter the desired number in the dialler box and click the dial-button.
  • For Residential Users, you will be assigned a number to use to receive and use as a caller ID when you make calls.
  • For all other calls aside calls to GlowTel users, you will be asked to buy credits.

GlowTel accepts over 80 different payment methods. Click on the payment method below the page to find out which one suit you best.

  • Start calling by entering the country code and the rest of the destination number. Number "011" for calls to US or "+" needed.
    For example:
    For calls to United States: 001 304 000 0000 or just dial +1 304 000 0000. - For calls to United Kingdom: 00 44 20 90 000000 or just dial +44 20 90 000000. - For calls to Netherlands: 00 31 20 0000 000 or just dial +31 20 0000 000

There are several ways to call with GlowTel:

  • Click a User Name in your contact list and dial directly.
  • Use the dial-pad to make a call just like you do on a regular phone by using the keypad.
  • Enter phone numbers in the international format, for instance: 0044 20 90000000 or +44 20 90 000000.
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GlowTel phone cards can be used by dialling our free access numbers.
GlowTel Phone card is reliable and trusted.
No monthly cost.
No hidden commissions.
Pin Less calling. Only insert your pin once and next time you wish to call, you don’t need to insert your pin.
Buy a phone card without compulsory registration or simply recharge by logging in with your registered email as your username to recharge.
Works on home phone, mobile phone, payphone and on Glowtel app.
With a single pin, you can use it anywhere (Country). We have free access numbers.
See Countries available by clicking on our access number page.
Buy Phone cards from €5.00 upwards
Try Now and Enjoy our best rates!

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GlowTel Phone card connects you to all destinations. You can dial calls with your home phone, mobile phone or pay phone. There are two options on how to call with our phone card:

You can call pin-less using our free access numbers displayed on our access number page(Insert your pin once and never insert your pin again ) or call using a pin.

You can also use your phone card on GlowTel app by dialling our free access number as displayed on our access numbers’ page.

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When GlowTel is in the forefront or when calls are coming through your GlowTel App, you will see the caller ID of the person who is calling you. You can either decline or answer the call.


To listen to voicemail messages, simply dial *97 or click on the Voicemail icon, your voicemail message will be played.

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Call History

To find your call history, tap on the option “Recent” at the bottom of the screen of your soft phone and you will see a list of the recent calls you have made or received. You can add any of the phone numbers within your call history to your address book. You can clear your call history as well.

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GlowTel rates are displayed on our website and on GlowTel Apps for your convenience.

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Using SIP Device

If you want to use your own preferred SIP device,IP phones and Adaptors, and also want to profit from the great offers by GlowTel, contact us on Contact for more details

for information about setting up your SIP device with GlowTel. GlowTel system is compatible with the recommended brand stated below:

  • Grandstream GXV300x, HT502, HTx86.
  • Linksys PAP2T.
  • Snom 370.
  • Cisco 79xx.
  • Polycom IP430.
  • Yealink all models.
  • Snom models 300, 320, 360, 370, 820, 821, 870, m3, m9.

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GlowTel Residential Users.

During registration as a first time user, you can sign up for residential package and assign yourself a virtual number (also referred as DID number). With this virtual numbers, you can receive calls for free or make phone calls at very low rates.

Receiving calls are free and virtual numbers can be forwarded to any existing number you may have undermining your location. Our virtual numbers can be forwarded to your Skype, Talk or other VOIP services you may have. For example, you can be in the United Kingdom using your local registered virtual number in the Netherlands at no cost compared to what your present network is costing you.

A virtual number attracts a monthly rate .This is number can be bought on our website at a low cost.

This service offered is designed for individuals and businesses that require communication in various places or Countries. You can have multiple numbers in different countries and have them all in your virtual number with GlowTel.

Why not take advantage of this powerful service that makes your communication life easy and less expensive!

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