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  • Give your family, friends or clients abroad a local number for them to call you.
  • Get a local number for your home or work and save cost.
  • Get a local number and forward it to your International clients.
  • Get a virtual number in a different location without changing your present number. Our virtual numbers have call forwarding facilities.

You are free to purchase one or more virtual numbers connected to your residential account. At GlowTel, you can purchase any local numbers which are suitable to you so that you can give the same numbers to your family and friends to reach you at ease. With GlowTel Virtual Number you are allowed to receive all calls from any mobile operator across the Globe, e.g. Home/ Mobile, Skype or Voip.

When it comes to GlowTel, the callers need to pay only the rate of local calls and you are able to receive all calls anywhere absolutely free all over the world no matter where you are. For example: If you have a local number in Spain and people in this Country would be able to call you on this local number. You are able to virtually receive calls; it doesn't matter wherever in the world you are. And most importantly, you do not need to bear any extra cost for this.

GlowTel communication services are specially designed to suit the requirements of individuals and business people who need communication in many places. You have the option of keeping multiple numbers of different countries as well and have them all in your virtual number with GlowTel.

Note: Calls redirected to landlines or mobile operators generate other communication costs.

No commitments, no contracts, and save cost with low rates.

Enjoy the huge advantages of this service and for this you need to simply sign up for a residential account, assign a suitable number to yourself and then you can purchase extra numbers to it if you want. For all queries, contact

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